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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

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Content Restoration

11/18/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO house logo with fire flames and water drops in the background SERVPRO of Metairie cares not only about our customers, but their special belongings too.

Disaster occurring in your home is any homeowner’s biggest nightmare. Trust the professionals at SERVPRO of Metairie to take the very BEST care of your personal belongings.

SERVPRO of Metairie offers content restoration from furniture to antiques to artwork and appliances, we'll treat your treasures with the care they deserve. While some items can be cleaned on-site, in many cases we'll need to inventory, pack out and transport the contents of your property to our state-of-the-art facility to ensure the best care possible. We photo document as well as log all of your contents per each individual box. We arrive on-site and inventory all of your personal belongings.We carefully pack all salvable items to transport to our secure warehouse and cleaning facility. Unsalvageable contents are inventoried and discarded. We have trained professionals to help you establish replacement values versus restoration costs. We are also available for pricing of non-salvable inventory items.

For your content remediation call SERVPRO of Metairie at (504)- 496-0193

Mold Damage Issues In Metairie

3/22/2019 (Permalink)

Mold Problem in Metairie? Call SERVPRO for Remediation "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Offers for Metairie Area Homes Effective Mold Remediation

Typical weather conditions in Metairie can place homeowners at risk of mold growth and subsequent damage. Seasonal weather patterns, including hurricanes and tropical storms, increase the potential for damp and possibly flooded conditions within local residences. We frequently see mold proliferation because of these circumstances, but we have strategies to remediate any mold growth that occurs and to combat the wetness fueling it.
Mold damage remediation in the Metairie area is a commonly requested service for our restoration business. The community’s location near Lake Pontchartrain exacerbated by the yearly average of over 70 percent humidity makes for very moist conditions even without severe weather. Mold spores grow within 24 to 48 hours when they absorb water, and the moisture necessary does not need to be in puddles or droplets. Water vapor in the air of your home exceeding 60 percent humidity is enough to start a mold colony on a steep growth curve.
SERVPRO follows EPA guidelines to contain and remove active colonies, using physical barriers and professional equipment like negative pressure air scrubbers to filter and vent airborne mold particles. Mold spreads quickly when disturbed, and we counsel our customers to seek expert assistance rather than use do it yourself remedies. Our technicians employ proven EPA registered disinfectants to sanitize areas cleared of mold, and HEPA-equipped vacuums to eradicate lingering particles on surfaces.
Our SERVPRO mold remediation team trains not only to locate, but also contain, and remove the microbial infestations endured by our customers. We work relentlessly as well to find the source of moisture and offer practical and effective advice on how to minimize water in any form so molds cannot continue to grow. Roofs and gutters contribute to excess moisture if not in good repair. Even tiny plumbing leaks can mean significant mold problems if ignored. Flooding events after major storms must be remediated fast, or the mold grows within just a couple of days. High indoor humidity must be lowered and then maintained at 45 percent or less for the best outcome per our training and experience.
SERVPRO of Metairie employs only thoroughly trained mold remediators and uses the industry’s best practices to remediate and then help prevent future mold growth. Call us at (504) 468-3046 for a consultation with one of our expert mold abatement specialists.

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Our Crew Is Here To Help After A Flood Has Damaged Your Home In Metairie

2/21/2019 (Permalink)

In an emergency, contact SERVPRO of Metairie at (504) 496-0193 for immediate assistance.

Our Metairie Rapid Response Team Can Help You With Flood Damage In Your Property

A nearby road overflow can cause significant issues in the ground levels of your property — heavy rainfall results in sewer systems backing up and overflowing with contaminated Black Water. Due to the potentially harmful effects of Black Water, it is essential to hire a professional, qualified technician to help repair and restore your property safely. Indeed, many of your possessions can be salvaged by using professional cleaning equipment promptly.

Where the is Flood Damage in Metairie homes, the likelihood of contaminants being spread around the home is high. In the circumstances, it is not uncommon for our technicians to wear Hazmat suits to protect themselves from pathogens during the cleanup operation. We may also have to remove sections of drywall to clean in and behind walls, floors, and fittings. Left behind debris is not only odorous but have the potential to be harmful if not dealt with thoroughly.

For owners who find themselves in this position, it is only natural to immediately assume the worst, especially where personal possessions are concerned. Here at SERVPRO we always work with a restore over replace mentality. Unlike other providers, our services are geared toward salvaging as much as possible. We enable our technicians to achieve this by providing them with state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and technology.

We can assess items immediately on site to decide which possessions are salvageable and which need disposal. Generally speaking, porous materials absorb black water making them exceptionally difficult to clean; this could include your carpets or curtains. However, where they are valuable fabrics, we can send them to a specialized facility for mechanical cleaning using Esporta washing machines. These equipment are expensive because they are advanced. However, SERVPRO provides technicians with everything they need to restore items rather than replace them.

Floods are considerable emergencies which is why SERVPRO training involves a rapid-response unit as well as a 24-hour emergency call line. Our skilled specialists are local to the area and can reach you fast to help mitigate loss and reduce the risk of permanent damage.

In an emergency, contact SERVPRO of Metairie at (504) 496-0193 for immediate assistance.

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SERVPRO Is Ready To Restore Your Metairie Home 24/7

1/22/2019 (Permalink)

Our experts are available and ready to restore your home after a fire.

WHY SERVPRO is a Relievable Service Provider in Fire Damage Restoration in Metairie

If you are wondering WHY SERVPRO is the ideal place to get help after a fire damage experience, then we have the fact for you. Restoring your home after fire damage can certainly be a daunting task. For that reason, the services of our experts come in handy towards ensuring that your property is in better shape after the disaster. To ensure that you enjoy the best service, we have an able team of highly skilled and experienced technicians. Besides, our technicians are equipped with the latest equipment to enable them to complete the restoration process impeccably. We strive to return you Metairie property to its preloss condition.

At SERVPRO, we believe no fire damage event in Metairie is too big or too small, so we give each incident the seriousness it deserves. That has seen us successfully restore numerous properties that have experienced fire damage. Our capacity as one of the leading service providers can be attributed to our excellent service delivery. Our professionals are always ready to provide solutions to each problem. Moreover, our technicians possess the necessary skills that help us to provide satisfactory restoration services – which is made possible by the regular training we attend to ensure our service delivery is in line with the latest trends.

Being a revered restoration company, SERVPRO adheres to the recommended restoration practices to keep our service delivery strictly professional. Our services are readily available round the clock, and this is possible courtesy of our 24-hour services. Also, our services are available to both commercial and residential properties. We have a large team and enough equipment to deliver the best services irrespective of the disaster size.

SERVPRO of Metairie is no doubt the best bet when it comes to restoring your property after it experiences water, fire, mold, or flood damage. Contact us at (208) 466-5000 at any time of the day and have the problem fixed.

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In Metairie, Understanding the Nature of Smoke and Heat Simplify Fire Damage Cleanup

1/2/2019 (Permalink)

Why Should a Metairie Home Suffer Fire & Smoke Damage? Call SERVPRO for Cleanup and Restoration

Why You Need SERVPRO To Restore Fire Damaged Homes in Metairie

Metairie residents are very familiar with the effects water has on their homes and other property. Fire is, fortunately, a much lesser known problem for most of us. The effects fire has on the same property can be far more damaging and often more difficult to clean and remove.
Restoring Metairie homes with fire damage requires special knowledge. So why SERVPRO? Our teams train extensively with a large inventory of equipment and cleaning agents to return as much structural and personal property to its pre-fire condition as possible.
Since items physically touched by the flames are often damaged past repair, our efforts center on the property covered by residues left by the smoke. Dry or wet, residues are often the majority of the restorable damage for our work teams.
When a fire burns fast and hot, the smoke contains fewer aerosols such as varnishes; it naturally leaves a drier, powdery residue. It also stains surfaces less deeply than wet ones, and the odor is far less noticeable as well. All of this makes each piece of furniture or a ceiling panel covered in them easier to clean.
SERVPRO technicians can use dry sponges to remove most of these residues. If the layer is thick, they apply either water or a mild cleaning agent to break them away from the item. For hard surfaces and carpets, they also have the option of using commercial grade vacuums to draw off of the surfaces.
A fire that burns slow and at a lower temperature generates smoke with more aerosols, leaving wet residues on surfaces. That means the fire consumed a much larger amount of varnishes, solvents, and other liquids. A slower fire moves air less quickly, which gives the smoke more opportunity to find its way into cracks and crevices in the property. The odor is much stronger as well.
Removing these residues requires stronger cleaning agents, and brushes rather than sponges to remove them from most surfaces. For some stone surfaces, the crevices are deep enough that technicians must use a stiff, metal brush to dig out the residues or even grind the surface down to remove them.
At SERVPRO of Metairie, our goal is to return every possible item to a clean and usable condition, "Like it never even happened." Call us today at (504) 496-0193 to begin the restoration process. We are here for you.

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Timing Is Very Important When Dealing With Fire Damage To Your Metairie Home

12/27/2018 (Permalink)

Once the blaze gets extinguished, it is wise to call in a professional fire damage restoration company like SERVPRO immediately.

Metairie's Fire Damage Experts Talk About The Importance Of Prompt Service

Many owners are unaware of the risk that their Metairie house will suffer from a burn-related issue someday. According to the American Red Cross, dwelling fire damage is one of the most common types of disasters someone can suffer at their home. The organization's website states that more than 30 people every day suffer injuries related to home blazes. Things burning inside personal residences account for over seven billion dollars in property claims each year. Once the blaze gets extinguished, it is wise to call in a professional fire damage restoration company like SERVPRO immediately.

Just like any disaster situation, if the issues are not dealt with right away, secondary problems can begin to develop. Our SERVPRO team provides fast 24/7 service to you when you call us to handle your fire damage situation in Metairie. We know that the longer soot residues stay on surfaces, the more likely they are to cause permanent issues. In some cases, if soils and soot do not get removed from certain surfaces, they may become impossible to clean. If the problems do not get mitigated by professionals promptly, burnt smells can linger and become difficult to remove.

As soon as our SERVPRO team arrives at your residence, we begin the initial test cleaning and estimate process. During this stage, our estimator test cleans affected surfaces inside your building to see to test their cleanability. We then use this testing to determine which of your building materials and contents we can clean and which items will need to be replaced.

Once we get work authorization to begin and we figure out which items we are going to attempt to save by cleaning and refinishing, our highly trained team begins the mitigation process. We start by removing any burnt objects that we know we cannot repair. Next, we remove and clean any remaining soils and soot residues with specialized chemicals. Lastly, we conduct deodorization procedures that rid the structure of unpleasant aromas. If you ever notice fire or smoke-related issues inside your house, call SERVPRO of Metairie at (504) 496-0193 seven days a week.

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Have You Ever Wondered What is the Best Restoration Company in the Metairie Area?

11/18/2018 (Permalink)

There are times when your home can be affected by fire. Make sure that your family is safe and then contact SERVPRO for remediation.

WHY SERVPRO Is Your Number One Option in Metairie during Fire Damage Restoration 

Ever asked yourself WHY SERVPRO is a proven industry leader in fire damage restoration? To begin with, we use advanced technology and techniques when restoring your property to its original state. We adhere to the standards set by the IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). For instance, we may use infrared cameras to detect locations affected by the water that was used to extinguish the fire. Also, we can use hygrometers and moisture detectors to determine the level of moisture saturation in your Metairie home.
Strong odors can develop in your property after it experienced a fire damage event in Metairie. Our SERVPRO team uses appropriate equipment to remove the contaminants and improve the quality of air in the structure. Some of the devices that we use during deodorization and odor removal include thermal Foggers and air scrubbers. Spraying the air with a fragrant has never been a good way of dealing with the odors. Our team locates and removes the odor causing particles. Through thermal fogging, we dispense deodorizing agents that neutralize the smell causing particles.
We understand that restoration and cleaning situations require an immediate response, and that is why we are strategically located. We know that no disaster is too big or too small, so, we give every call the seriousness it deserves. By acting quickly, we increase the chances of salvaging most items and low the restoration costs.
Depending on the surfaces we are attending to and the soot particles in your property, our SERVPRO technicians may decide to use dry or wet cleaning methods. We never repaint surfaces as a way of dealing with the soot; we have to choose an appropriate cleaning procedure before we do the needed repainting. We have faced all fire damage incidents you can think of, that means we are competent enough to work for you.
SERVPRO of Metairie responds 24 hours a day, seven days a week to all commercial and residential cleaning and restoration needs. Call (504) 496-0193 when you need help you can rely on after facing water, fire, storm, or mold damage.

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