Recent Before & After Photos

Water Leak Damages Walls and Carpets in a Metairie Home

The Before Photo is a work in progress in this Metairie home. The water line leaked and wet the carpet as it also wicked into the lower level of the walls. SERV... READ MORE

Fire Damage Repair In Metairie

When fire damage happens in your Metairie kitchen, you can count on our team for help. Our professionals take pride in our quick response time and excellent ser... READ MORE

Storm Damage In Metairie

A storm can leave your property damaged, and our team can help. Our fast response will help prevent secondary damage and help reduce your restoration costs. We'... READ MORE

Metairie Commercial Business and a Water Loss

A water loss to a Metairie firm also means a loss of productivity and routines disrupted causing schedule delays. Once the area is cleared of fixtures and furni... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Metairie Home

Mold damage developed in this Metairie home’s attic. The mold infestation was allowed to grow due to a small roof leak, poor ventilation, and the darkness... READ MORE

Metairie Fire Damage and Rebuild

After a Metairie house fire and the first responders have left the scene with an okay for access, SERVPRO is a wise next call. Your insurance agent can send out... READ MORE

Water Damaged Hardwoods in Metairie

The damage to hardwood flooring can vary, even in the same house depending on the amount and length of exposure to the water. The Before Photo illustrates our S... READ MORE

When a Metairie Office Floods

A broken fixture in a Metairie office suite can quickly cover the carpeted floor. Commercial grade, glued-down carpets are often non-salvageable if the soaking ... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Metairie Home

Storm damage struck this Metairie home when rainwater penetrated the wood-framed structure causing water damage to the flooring, walls, and vanity cabinets. The... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Metairie Kitchen

Mold damage in this Metairie kitchen was due to a slow leak of water behind the sink. Moisture combined with darkness is a recipe for mold growth, and sometimes... READ MORE