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SERVPRO of Metairie outlines the steps to take in the event of water or flood damage

6/17/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: SERVPRO of Metairie explains what homeowners and businesses should do in the event of water damage or flood damage.

Flooding and water damage can cause havoc on your Metairie, LA home or business. When there’s excessive rainfall, sewage backup, or a damaged pipe, water can overflow into your property, damaging valuables, and this almost always happens when you least expect it. You can also experience water damage due to roof leaks, wall damage, storm damage, plumbing leaks, and others.

However, it’s essential to act quickly when flood or water damage occurs in your home. Your reaction time can go a long way in saving your affected properties and belongings.

SERVPRO of Metairie,  a leading professional water removal and water damage restoration company in Metairie, LA, has outlined the actions to take when you experience water damage or flood damage.

What Do You Do If You Experience Flood Damage Or Water Damage

Typically, when your home or business is flooded, your carpet and furnishings, and any items on the floor, will be soaked. Here’s what you should do.

1. Contact water damage restoration services

Whether your home is completely flooded or only a part is affected, contact a professional water removal team like SERVPRO of Metairie right away. You can ask them questions over the phone to see if they have any recommendations for what you should do till they arrive. The best way to attack water or flood damage is to have a plan, and a professional can guide you on that.

2. Cut off the water supply

If feasible, detect and halt water flow into or around your home to prevent more severe water damage. Waterline leaks or water heater damage are the most common causes of household water damage. Turning off the house's main water valve is the simplest technique to stop the water flow. Locate the valve before it floods, if possible, so that you can find it quickly in the event of a water emergency.

Outside floods can also cause water damage, so if you're aware of an oncoming storm, take the necessary precautions to safeguard your property against water incursion.

3. Protect your belongings

Indoor flooding can cause damage to your furniture and personal possessions. Place any precious valuables in a safe, dry location. If lots of your personal belongings have been destroyed, the water damage restoration services can clean and pack them out for you. Make a list of all your damaged items to send them in for content restoration.

4. Turn off the power

Water and electricity are a terrible combination. So one of the first things you should do after contacting a water removal service is to turn off the power in your home or business. This is most important if you’re dealing with flooding.

But don't walk through water to get to the fuse box. Call an electrician if you can't reach the fuse box without stepping through the water.

You may not necessarily need to turn off electricity if you are dealing with minor appliance leaks or other smaller water damages.

5. Clear the premises

If the problem is a sewage leak or burst pipe flooding, get out of the house and locate a dry, safe area outside. It could be in your own backyard or the home of a neighbor or acquaintance. Ensure that everyone is safe and sound, including children, pets, and any guests who may have been there.

Find a temporary shelter for everyone to stay in until the issue is fixed.

Get Fast Water Removal Services in Metairie, LA

SERVPRO of Metairie is the best in the water damage restoration and restoration services in Metairie, LA. They offer 24/7 water removal services that ensure you get immediate assistance whether you’re dealing with floods, sewage backup, pipe bursts, leaks, or other disasters. 

Their team of IICRC-licensed technicians will guide you through the steps to take before their arrival. They will use state-of-the-art tools to remove moisture and dry your property structure. They’ll undertake content restoration to get your belongings to their previous state.

Need help? Call SERVPRO of Metairie today at (504) 496-0193 to speak to their water restoration professionals.

2022's Hurricane Survival Guide

5/31/2022 (Permalink)

Get ready, Louisiana, hurricane season officially starts June 1 and runs through November 30.

According to the NOAA, we will be looking at another above-average season. Whether you are a long-time resident of Louisiana or a brand new transplant it is always important to be reminded of the impacts of hurricanes and how you can prepare. 

Before the storm If you were here for last year's storm there's a good chance you already have a hurricane kit. If not, start gathering your supplies! Ensure that each person (pets included) has nonperishable food and water for at least seven days. Your kit should also include flashlights, a radio, cash, a first-aid kit, and medicine at a minimum. Due to large shortages at this point in time it is imperative you do not wait until the last minute to gather these supplies. 

You should also consider inspecting your shutters, roof, and fences in case repairs or replacements are needed and check that your policies are current and if you have sufficient coverage for hurricanes with your homeowner's insurance. Due to the constant construction in our area, it is also important to check for updated hurricane evacuation routes. 

While the storm is coming fuel up your car, charge your power banks, withdraw cash, and buy supplies you still need. Start prepping your home by bringing your patio furniture, pets, and potted plants inside. Tie-down anything that could become airborne and if you have a boat, secure it properly. Start monitoring the local news for updates from the National Hurricane Center, your local National Weather Service office, and local officials on the storm’s track, what type of hazards to expect, and if there are any evacuation orders in effect. Get sandbags, find a safe place to park your car, put your shutters up, and don’t leave trash on the curb. If you don’t have shutters or hurricane-proof windows, board up your windows with 5/8-inch plywood. 

During the storm and after Stay away from windows and doors and don't leave the house. As tempting as it is to watch mother nature do her thing, do not go outside. Once officials have said it is safe to do so, report property damage and power outages.  Monitor for curfew and boil-water-order notices. If you want to use a generator, make sure to keep it at least 20 feet from a home, including your neighbors, to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. If you plan to go out be careful on the roads since there might be downed trees, fallen power lines, traffic lights that aren’t working, and debris. Some roads might also be flooded. Reminder, do not drive or walk through standing water.

If your home or business experiences water, wind, fire, or mold damage, give the professionals a call. We are your storm damage experts! 

Fire Safety Tips for the Warmer Months in Metairie, LA

4/28/2022 (Permalink)

Warm weather is on the horizon! It's time to switch from sweaters to shorts, deep fryers to grills, and indoor parties to backyard barbecues. Just because we're less inclined to switch on the heat does not mean that we shouldn't be vigilant when it comes to protecting ourselves and our property from fire hazards. See below for high-risk areas for fire damage and how to maintain them.

Spring Fire Safety Tips

Fire cannot be avoided when you're preparing a perfectly cooked steak or patty on the grill. From the get-go, you've got inherent risks. Before starting a grill, be sure to check all potential problematic points including the propane tank, the hose, and all connecting points. You can do this while your meat is marinating or while you're trimming your chicken!

When starting a charcoal grill, charcoal should only be soaked with charcoal starter fluid. Avoid using lighter fluid as that can create a burst of heat and flames can get out of control quickly!

Nearly 20% of all grill structure fires occur due to failure to clean the grill before and after use. Give your grill a nice scrape down while it's hot so it's ready to go for next time!

Safety first, safety first, safety first! Fill a bucket with water and set it next to your put before you even build a fire. Avoid throwing leaves, pine cones, pine needs, and paper into a fire pit as they catch fire quickly and can result in dangerous floating embers.

In any emergency situation, always call 9-1-1 before calling SERVPRO of Metairie. Once a fire has been properly handled by the fire department, give us a call at (504) 496-0193! We're always "Here to Help!"

SERVPRO of Metairie explains how to fix ceiling water damage

4/26/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary:  The water restoration professionals at SERVPRO of Metairie highlight the steps you can take to fix a water-damaged ceiling.

Water, despite its many benefits, can wreak unimaginable havoc when it comes into contact with your property. When it comes in contact with your ceilings, it can make them look unsightly or, worse, damage the ceiling to the point where it collapses and falls apart.

These situations can be avoided if you address water damage quickly and seriously. The water damage repair professionals at SERVPRO of Metairie have outlined the causes of ceiling damage and how to fix it.

Common Causes of Ceiling Water Damage

The most common causes of water leaks in ceilings are plumbing issues or roof leaks. Slow leaks that lead to yellowish-brown spots cause the majority of the ceiling water damage.

Although seeing water spots on your ceiling may not seem like a serious problem, a significant leak can quickly cause water to burst through your ceiling.

Simple Steps to Fix Water Damage to the Ceiling

1. Safety First

Prior to addressing any water damage, especially in the ceiling, make sure it is safe to do so. Because ceiling water damage often involves electrical wiring, it is imperative to make sure there is no risk of electrocution prior to attempting to perform water removal. Shut off the power to the affected area, or the property at the electrical panel only if it is safe to enter the property. Hire a professional restoration service and wait for their arrival if you are unsure it is safe to enter or touch.

2. Turn off Water Sources

Before you can start making repairs after a water damage incident, you must first of all address the water source. Doing this is important to avoid any future water damage. If the source of water is not turned off or repaired before ceiling water damage repair takes place, the ceiling will be further damaged which will make your repair efforts go to waste.

Since water can spread, the source of the damage could be far away from the ceiling. So, once you've discovered it, you should immediately get all necessary repairs or replacements done to stop the water from flowing. 

3. Dry Affected Areas

Once the water source has been fixed, the affected parts of the ceiling can then be dried to begin the restoration process. You’ll need towels and a fan to clean and dry the ceiling. You need to keep drying and fanning the ceiling until it’s no longer saturated. You may need to puncture the ceiling if it’s bulging to release any held-up water.

Consider putting a bucket and tarp on the floor before you start the process to help prevent flooring damage.

4. Remove the Damaged Sections

Ceilings can become saturated beyond repair. In that case, you’ll have to remove that part of the ceiling. Heavily water-infiltrated wallboards will sag or collapse when touched. 

Then place cloths or tarps on the floor and remove any part of the ceiling that is swollen or visibly affected.

5. Carry out Necessary Ceiling Repairs

Once you’ve removed unsalvageable materials and thoroughly dried the area, the next step is to repair any part that can be salvaged and replace the parts you removed. Measure the holes in the areas where you cut out. Then, to cover the hole, cut out a new piece of the same material that is larger than the original piece and use a utility knife to trim it down.

6. Seal and Paint the Ceiling after Priming it

After the plaster has dried, apply a sealing primer to the damaged area. Not only will this prevent water spots and stains from forming, but it will also prevent the ceiling from absorbing paint. It will take way more coats of paint if you don't use a primer. Before you apply your topcoat, apply a minimum of two coats of primer.

7. Hire a Water Damage Restoration and Cleaning Professional

Water damage is a massive emergency and it is critical to act quickly. The above-listed steps may sound simple in theory but are quite difficult in practice, which is why you should consider leaving the job to a professional water damage repair company like SERVPRO of Metairie. 

Water damage repair professionals can help in the restoration of water damage in homes and commercial spaces, including water-damaged ceilings. They will identify and fix the water source, and then proceed to clean, dry, and repair any damaged parts.

About SERVPRO of Metairie

SERVPRO of Metairie has been helping Metairie families and businesses battle unexpected water damage for years. Whether you are looking to restore your home, property, or commercial space, or simply want to establish water prevention and mitigation strategies, SERVPRO of Metairie can help. 

Their team is available 24/7 to help you with water damage repairs.

Contact SERVPRO of Metairie at (504) 496-0193 today to speak with one of their water restoration professionals.

SERVPRO of Metairie outlines the steps to take to mitigate flooding or sewage backups.

4/26/2022 (Permalink)

Blog summary: If you are struggling with flooding or sewage backup, here’s how you can handle the situation promptly before things degenerate.

There are a few things that can cause water damage in your home, two of the common ones are flooding and a sewer backup. These two can lead to water damage that could cost you a lot if not promptly taken care of.

Knowing the major causes of flooding and sewer backups, and what you should do in each situation can help you control a potentially dangerous situation. The professionals at SERVPRO of Metairie, which offer flood restoration services in Jefferson, LA, share some valuable insights below: 

What Causes a Sewer Backup or Flood?

When a home's drain system is working properly, it transports out waste and wastewater every time you shower, flush toilets, use the washing machine, or engage in other water-related activities.

Waste and wastewater flow down the drain via the drain line to your home’s main sewer line, which links to the municipal sewer system or a private septic tank.

Blockage happens when sewer lines get clogged, preventing wastewater from flowing through, which leads to black water accumulation.

Just like with sewage backups, blocked drainage systems can cause an area to overflow with water during a storm, which can flood your home. Also, your home can sustain water damage due to a broken pipe or appliance malfunction.

What to Do If There's a Flood or Sewage Back-Up in Your Home

The easiest way to deal with sewage backups and flooding in your home is to contact a plumber and professional flood restoration services like SERVPRO of Metairie. However, before the water damage repair company arrives, here are some things you can do to help limit the damage in your home:

  • Get out of the flooded area as soon as possible. The contaminants in sewage are also harmful to humans and pets. To avoid being exposed to sewage, your family should exit the house.
  • Remove any clothing that has come into contact with the water.
  • Turn off the main water line valve in your home.
  • Allow fresh air into the house by opening windows or doors if weather allows.
  • Turn off the electricity in the flooded area only if safe to do so.
  • Don't go near electrical gadgets if you can't securely turn off the power.
  • Before walking into sewage water, wear protective clothing such as gloves, facemasks, eyeglasses, and rubber boots.
  • Sterilize the standing water by adding some chlorine bleach.
  • Take pictures of the incident to report the sewage backup and flooding to your insurance company.
  • Notify the authorities if your home uses a public sewer.

Contact a Professional Plumbing Company

A backup is frequently caused by a blockage like a blocked or damaged piece of the line. When you call a plumber for emergency sewage backup repair, they will use video technology to view inside the line and determine where it is clogged and what is blocking it, as well as the region and cause of damage.

Once the obstruction is discovered, they will then expertly use specialized tools to remove the blockage to clear the line. Damage to the sewage piping will necessitate repairs or replacement by your plumber to restore adequate flow through the home's plumbing drainage system. 

Contact a Flood Restoration Company

Once the plumber is done with fixing the cause of the sewage backup or flood, it’s time to clean and restore your home to its original state. This is where water damage restoration professionals like SERVPRO of Metairie can help. They will clean every affected part of your home and remove the signs of sewage water. The SERVPRO of Metairie team has specialized tools to dry up your walls and restore them to their former state. After cleaning, they will disinfect all parts of the house to help ensure it’s safe for you and your family.

Next, they’ll clean any item that came into contact with the water, from your carpets to upholstery, woodwork, furniture, and more. Some items will not be salvageable and will be discarded.

The team at SERVPRO of Metairie is available 24/7 to meet your flood restoration and sewage backup restoration needs in Jefferson, LA.

Contact them today at (504) 496-0193 to speak with one of their flood restoration professionals.

How to prepare your commercial property for a Spring storm

4/26/2022 (Permalink)

Blog summary: The spring storms can cause devastating damage to your commercial property. Here’s how to prepare your property for water damage in Spring.

Have you considered getting your commercial facility ready for Spring?

The Spring season can be an expensive period if you don’t plan for it properly. Heavy rains in the Spring can cause flooding, roof damage, and property damage, among other things that would be costly to repair or replace.

SERVPRO of Metairie, a leading local water damage restoration company, has seen it all when it comes to the damage rain can do. They’ve put together the following tips to help you prepare your commercial property for the Spring rains.

1. Check for Damages from Freezing

The freezing temperatures and ice expansion can damage drainage pipes, gutters, and asphalt/concrete surfaces. It’s important not to just assume that everything is right. Check your irrigation lines and external hose shut-offs for damage to ensure your commercial space is safe for both staff and customers.

Also check the foundation of your commercial property and vertical walls, which can fracture due to settlement or freezing temperatures.

Look for cracks, peeling paint, or other evidence of water damage on the building’s exterior as well. Water can readily permeate the inside of a structure if there are cracks or damage on the outside, so fix any crack you find.

2. Inspect your Roof

A roof is necessary to keep your building's integrity and protect the interiors from wetness. Winter weather may be harsh on your roof, so check it for any indications of damage. If you're comfortable climbing a ladder, you can get a better look, but if you're not, use binoculars to inspect the roof from the ground or hire a professional roof inspector. If your roof has tiles, look for any broken or missing tiles. Cracked or missing tiles can allow water to seep into your space.

Look for evidence of wetness in the interiors, especially in locations like the basement. A wet, musty odor, black or discolored patches on ceilings, walls, or mounds are all telltale indicators of water damage.

3. Ensure your Gutters are Clean

Downspouts and gutters are necessary for directing water away from a building's foundations and protecting it. They also help to prevent erosion, paint damage, and the formation of mold and mildew on a building's exterior.

When gutters become clogged, and can't operate correctly, they spill water that can cause damage to a building. So it’s important to clean your gutters regularly to avoid accumulations of leaves, twigs, and other debris.

It's advisable to hire a professional gutter cleaning service because they'll be able to notice any damage early on.

4. Be Prepared for Potential Problem Areas

If your office or facility typically leaks in a certain area, and it hasn’t been fixed, make sure you have someone on-site and available in the event of a storm.

Call ahead of time to let the employees know how to handle any concerns, and check in during or after the rain to see if they've had any problems.

5. Be Proactive

Water damage can still occur even with all the preparations. The storm can damage your roof or you can experience a pipe burst. However, when water damage happens, the level of damage you have is determined by your actions and inactions.

Inviting a commercial water damage restoration company like SERVPRO of Metairie will increase the chances of restoring water-impacted properties.

About SERVPRO of Metairie 

SERVPRO of Metairie is a local leader in the cleaning and restoration industry, with highly trained professionals available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They’re committed to responding to any major disaster promptly, sending down a team of experienced water restoration professionals with the latest equipment, to handle your company’s restoration or cleaning needs to ensure your Metairie business space is in good standing. They serve Lakewood, New Orleans, LA, and surrounding areas.

The restoration team at SERVPRO of Metairie provides flood restoration services, fire damage, mold remediation, and water damage restoration services for commercial spaces like yours.

Contact SERVPRO of Metairie at (504) 496-0193 today to speak with one of their restoration professionals.

Water damage restoration experts outline the common appliances likely to cause water damage in your home.

3/14/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: Water damage is an ever-present risk in every home. There is a lot a homeowner can do to prevent the need for water damage mitigation. SERVPRO of Metairie outlines the appliances likely to cause water damage and what you can do about it. 

Water damage is an ever-present threat to every home. Many household appliances can cause minor or major water damage to your home and property if not properly mitigated.

Knowing what these appliances are and how each is vulnerable will help you watch out for risk factors and prevent the need for water damage restoration services.

SERVPRO of Metairie, a leading water damage restoration company, shares a list of the appliances most likely to cause water damage in the home and what you should do in the case of a water damage event.

Dishwasher: A dishwasher is an essential component of every kitchen. As the appliance ages, it might start leaking due to wear and tear. There can be cracks in the hose, poor connections to the water source and drain pipes, valve failure, and others that can all cause leakages. Regularly checking the supply lines and drain filter will help prevent water damage before it occurs.

Also, it's possible for a dishwasher to overflow because they are manually operated. Adding too much detergent to each cycle, overloading it, or using it incorrectly can cause it to overflow.

Refrigerator / Freezer: The most common reason for a leaking refrigerator is frozen or clogged defrost drain. A refrigerator leak may be minor but can cause massive damage to your home if not spotted on time. Another potential cause of a water leak is the ice maker or water supply lines and valves. Over time these wear out and crack or connections can become loose. Regularly check the connections and turn them off if possible when leaving town on vacation.

Hot Water Heater: The water heater is one of the major culprits of water damage in homes. As your heater ages, keep an eye out for corrosion and other issues that can cause leaks. A small water leak can be an indication a major failure is imminent. Speak with a qualified plumber immediately to determine the source of the leak and if it is repairable. Do not delay replacement if a failing water heater has a minor leak.  The water heater could burst sending hundreds or thousands of gallons of water into the home resulting in costly water damage repair and restoration.

Water Cooler:  A water cooler can start leaking when spouts crack or become loose. A cracked jug will drop a little amount on the floor, so it’s important to monitor it regularly. 

Washing Machine: Overloading a washing machine can cause the machine to overflow, which can cause water damage to the home. Similarly, a washing machine can develop cracks in the hose or drain line that will result in leaks. Check your hoses regularly and change it at least every five years.

What You Should Do In The Event Of Water Damage

Any level of water damage in a home or commercial space is a significant problem that must be addressed right away. Microbial growth or “mold” can set in within 24-48 hours of a water damage event. Water damage poses a huge risk to a property if a leak goes unrepaired or standing water is left for a long time without any intervention.

A homeowner stands to lose the affected property, pay huge sums for water damage mitigation, reconstruction and mold remediation repairs for damage to the structure. If rugs or clothing or other personal items are affected, they can become unsalvageable if left for too long. 

It is recommended to get expert help any time you notice any form of water damage. Water damage restoration experts like SERVPRO of Metairie have years of experience handling different types of water damage and cleaning services.

Their certified technicians have the knowledge, training, and experience to handle any water damage situation from a burst pipe, leaking toilet, or sewage backup to full on flooding from a hurricane. SERVPRO professionals restore your property to its original preloss condition and mitigate the impact of the water damage to your home.

Get Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

SERVPRO of Metairie is a leading name you can trust for residential and commercial damage restoration such as mold remediation, storm damage, and sewage cleanup in Metairie, LA, and surrounding areas. They have over 50 years of experience helping individuals and businesses handle water damage restoration, they can help you, too.

Once you call SERVPRO of Metairie, they will send a team of professionals to your home or business premises. Their team will assess the water situation, come up with a plan for water removal, perform water damage mitigation, dry everything that has been soaked by the water, and restore salvageable items and structures to their preloss state.

When it comes to water damage, it’s important to act fast to prevent secondary damage and mold growth. Call SERVPRO of Metairie today at (504) 496-0193 to learn how they can help you restore your home or commercial space, and mitigate any water damage present.

Water restoration expert reveals the various categories and classes of water damage to be aware of

3/14/2022 (Permalink)

Blog summary. The water removal and restoration professionals at SERVPRO of Metairie have outlined the various classes and categories of water damage to help you understand the type of water situation you have and get help.

One of the most common causes of damage in a commercial or residential building is water. Water damage claims are the second most common insurance claim, according to the Insurance Services Office.

When it comes to water damage, there are a variety of causes and a wide range of damage from minor or major that can affect a home ro business. Knowing the classes and categories of water damage as categorized by the IICRC will help a homeowner or business owner prepare for the water damage restoration process.

SERVPRO of Metairie, a professional water damage restoration company, shares the different classes and categories of water damage that may affect a home or business space.

Water Damage Classifications

Class 1

This is the least severe water damage class and the easiest and least costly to remediate. Class 1 water damage applies if only a part of a room is affected, or if bigger areas with materials like rugs have absorbed only a small amount of moisture, the water is Category 1 or clean water, and there is minimal water absorption into construction materials.

Prolonged exposure to moisture can harm the home’s structure, thus it requires immediate water removal services to ensure damage does not progress to class 2 or 3 water damage.

Class 2

Class 2 Water damage causes more devastation as it means there is water absorption in construction materials up the wall less than two feet. It leaves moisture in the flooring, cushioning, and the carpeting that affects the entire room or area.

Materials like plywood, boards, VCT, and other structural elements will retain moisture, posing a risk of long-term damage to your property.

Class 2 water damage will quickly turn to class 3 or 4 if not swiftly mitigated. The potential for microbial growth is elevated with class 2 water damage further increasing the need to act quickly and engage a professional water damage restoration service.

Class 3

Class 3 water damage most often originates from an overhead source such as a roof leak, burst pipe in the ceiling, or water from the room above yours (if it's a multi-story building). You have class 3 water damage when the walls, ceiling, insulation, and subfloor are all affected. 

There is a high probability of microbial growth setting in if water removal and restoration services aren’t engaged immediately.

Class 4

Class four is the most destructive of all. You have class 4 water damage when materials with low permeance, like concrete, hardwood, and plaster, are moist.

It typically requires more effort to dry and more intensive water removal techniques.

Categories of Water Damage

The category of water damage is based on the type of water that caused the harm.

Category 1 Water Damage

This type of water damage is caused by water from clean sources like a tap, faucet, water heater, rainfall, melting snow, and others.

While it may not seem dangerous, it can become contaminated and cause massive harm if left untreated for too long.

Category 2 Water Damage

Also known as "gray water damage," this level of water damage is caused by water that’s unsanitary as it may be contaminated with chemicals and harmful bacteria.

It can be from a leaking pipe, an overflowing washing machine, dishwasher, or a toilet bowl with no feces.

Category 2 requires immediate attention as it poses a major risk to your property and can be harmful if touched or ingested.

Category 3 Water Damage

Category 3 water damage is caused by water that is extremely filthy, and contains toxins, and disease-causing germs that are extremely harmful to humans and pets.

The water can be due to sewer blockage, flooding from rivers, water from the toilet with feces, stagnant water left for a long time, or severe weather events causing flood damage such as a hurricane.

Category 3 water removal requires the sanitization and disinfection of the salvageable contents and structure of your home after water damage mitigation and cleanup to prevent mold growth and the need for mold remediation. Category 3 water should not be dealt with as a DIY project. 

What Should You Do?

It’s important to act promptly when your home is impacted by any class or category of water damage. Consider hiring a water damage restoration expert like SERVPRO of Metairie to help you handle the situation and mitigate the water damage to your home or business.

Water damage restoration is a specialized service that requires expertise and experience. The water restoration professionals at SERVPRO of Metairie have the requisite training, knowledge, certifications, and equipment to remediate water damage, clean your space, restore the property to preloss condition, and help ensure your property does not experience secondary damage such as mold growth .

More About SERVPRO of Metairie

SERVPRO of Metairie is the go-to company for effective water damage restoration services such as storm damage, sewage cleanup, and commercial water damage. You can trust them to professionally handle your water damage incident and restore your property to its previous state before the damage. They will extract the water, dry your property structure to mitigate immediate damage, and assist with eliminating the possibility of long-term harm.

Rest assured their staff is equipped with the right knowledge to restore your property. SERVPRO of Metairie training program includes the following:

IICRC Training

Employee Certification Training

Initial Franchise Training


Continuing Education Classes

SERVPRO of Metairie water restoration team is available 24/7 to help you handle your water challenges as they happen, in Jefferson, LA, and neighboring areas.

You can call them at (504) 496-0193 to speak to a water restoration expert.

Expert commercial water restoration services are available for businesses in Lakewood, New Orleans, LA.

3/14/2022 (Permalink)

Blog Summary: When a business suffers water damage, you need help as soon as possible to recover your facility while minimizing downtime, SERVPRO of Metairie offers quick and professional water damage restoration services.

A pipe burst or water leak can cause massive destruction to a business and bring business activities to a halt. In such a case, you want everything fixed quickly so work can continue as normal.

SERVPRO of Metairie is the name you can trust when it comes to quick and professional commercial water damage restoration in Lakewood, New Orleans, LA.

They have a highly trained and experienced team of professionals available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you sort out your water damage issues as they happen.

The SERVPRO of Metairie team offers the following water restoration services:

  • Water Removal: When SERVPRO of Metairie receives a call, they dispatch a team to your business swiftly to assess the water damage situation. Technicians get to work almost immediately using professional grade water extractors to quickly and efficiently remove sanding and excess water helping to prevent secondary damage.
  • Carpet and Upholstered Furniture Restoration: A wet carpet is one of the most difficult concerns a business faces after any form of water damage. This doesn’t have to happen to you, SERVPRO of Metairie will clean and quickly dry your flooring and furniture to ensure you can get on with your business as soon as possible.
  • Drying & Dehumidification: General water removal services aren’t usually sufficient to properly remove moisture from all parts of a commercial facility. SERVPRO of Metairie offers general drying and dehumidification to clean every aspect of your commercial space.
  • Disinfection: Contaminated water and sewage backups can be a health danger in addition to causing damage to your business. They contain bacteria, viruses, and other organisms that can cause serious health effects. The SERVPRO of Metairie team will disinfect the whole area to help eliminate any associated risks.
  • Materials and Document Drying: Water damage can also affect business paper documents and materials. SERVPRO of Metairie will use a variety of techniques to dry and preserve your documents.

What are the Common Causes of Commercial Water Damage?

  • Roof Leaks and Failures: A leaky roof can cause extensive damage and, if ignored, can jeopardize a building's strength, foundation, and overall structure.
  • Appliance Ruptures and Leaks: Older appliances or machines, bad connections, or broken hoses can all cause leaks in a business space.
  • Flood Water: A business premise can become flooded, causing massive destruction. The damage will increase the longer the water stays.
  • Burst and Leaking Pipes: When a pipe is frozen, the flow of water may decrease or stop entirely. Expanding ice pressure inside pipes can block water passage resulting in a pipe burst, which can cause a full-blown flood and a lot of damage to your home.
  • Firefighting Damage: Firefighting damage can result in water damage for a variety of reasons. Water from a firefighters hose, or the water from the installed fire system in your office can all cause water damage.

What Should You Do?

Call SERVPRO of Metairie immediately once you spot any water damage in your commercial space. A team will be dispatched to your location once you call.

Their professionals will look at the level of damage and figure out the best way to get your business back to the way it was before the water damage.

They'll show you the plan and, if you give them the go-ahead, start the cleaning process to cut down on business downtime.

Why Choose SERVPRO of Metairie?

With over 50 years of experience, you can rest assured you are getting premium quality when you hire SERVPRO of Metairie to handle your commercial water damage restoration. Here are a few reasons to let SERVPRO of Metairie handle your commercial water restoration:

  • Emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Advanced Cleaning and Restoration Equipment.
  • Fast response to any disaster.
  • Technicians with extensive restoration experience.
  • A Reputable Restoration Industry Leader.

Any level of water damage in commercial space is a significant problem that must be addressed right away.

Call SERVPRO of Metairie at (504) 496-0193 to speak to a water damage restoration professional.

The Water You DON'T See Is The Problem..

2/2/2022 (Permalink)

Even small water damages in your Metairie home have the potential to cause serious structural and indoor air quality issues over time. 

The key to avoiding costly future restoration is to handle every water problem as a serious problem that will affect your property. Our SERVPRO of Metairie service technicians have the training and equipment to find and dry unseen water before secondary damage occurs. The proper equipment makes a measurable difference in reducing the damage and expense during a fire or water damage event. 

When time matters, technology and equipment must be counted on to work, here are just a few of the tools our technicians use to do their job and restore your property.  

Moisture Sensors are used to detect moisture in carpets, baseboards, and walls. 

Moisture Meters are used to determine the actual moisture content of various materials. The moisture tester provides accurate reading, allowing technicians to monitor the drying process. 

Thermo hygrometers measure temperature and relative humidity. When armed with this information, technicians can calculate and create an environment most conducive to drying. When facing a contaminated water loss, it is not only important to dry the structure, but also to disinfect and deodorize. 

Ultra Low-Volume Foggers will atomize liquid deodorizing agents, producing a fine mist that can easily penetrate the site where odor-causing residues may accumulate. This device can also be used to inject fungicides and disinfectants into wall cavities and other hard-to-reach areas. 

Thermal Foggers dispense solvent-based products by creating a dense fog. The fog consists of tiny particles of deodorant solution that attach to and neutralize odor-causing particles. 

These are just a few pieces of professional-grade equipment that each SERVPRO of Metairie technician is trained to use to help ensure your property is completely restored.